Who knew? (Are we open to change or trying something new?)

I am an avid runner.  I ran in High School and College.  I have had times in my life when I was doing 60+ miles a week and most of that would have been at 6:00 minutes a mile pace or better.  Now 20 miles a week at a 9 min pace is an accomplishment, but I am still running.  I am even using those funny barefoot looking shoes now.  I have done several marathons (Chicago is awesome).  So by pretty much any definition, I am a runner.  I have the shoes, race t-shirts, magazines, and one black toenail to prove it.

I love to run.  I love being out there pounding the pavement to keep healthy and strong, to start a day right, and to get a lot of life figured out.  I really do work out a lot of things when running.  I have solved most of the world’s problems while running.  Not all of mine, but most of the world’s, and some of yours.  And not only do I love it, but I have gotten others involved in it.  There are at least 5 people who have run marathons at my instigation, training, and encouragement.  Two of them had never done any running before.  Are you getting the picture?  I am a runner, and you could read that to also say, “I am NOT a biker.”

I have never had any interest in biking.  I have friends who have encouraged me and told me how much I would love it.  I didn’t listen.  Then my boys got into it.  Now, just to be clear: my boys are runners!  But this new breed of runners believes in this thing called cross-training.  That is another blog.  So they got into biking as a form of cross-training, and they too tried to lure me in.  No way.  Not interested.  Takes too much time and not the work out I am looking for.

Then my wife, the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, my soul-mate; you know, the one who knows me better than anyone!  She buys me a bike for my birthday.  I mean she buys a nice bike, a “What were you thinking bike?”  Ughh.

Okay, here comes the stunner.  I love it!  I mean I really, really love it.  I love the work out it gives.  I love the distance you cover.  I love riding with my boys and friends. I even started watching the Tour de France each day.  I have already been on two 40 –mile rides.  I mean who knew?

Yeah, who knew?  Have you ever considered how really very little we change over the course of a life once we hit our twenties.  We have our relational habits, spiritual habits, foods, hobbies, political party, and life pretty much figured out and we really do not move off of that.  Why would we?  We know everything there is to know?  Now, I believe we should have some convictions, especially of the biblical variety, and commitments that we keep for life.  They are not up for vote or the mood of the day.  We need anchors.  But can we still learn, grow, change our mind, and maybe even change our ways?

2011 has become a banner year of change for me.  I have started biking and eating sushi (that too is another blog).  They are both things I was closed to, not interested in, had no need for.  Wow, I was wrong.  They are both really enjoyable and beneficial.  Now, the goal here is not to get you to bike or eat sushi, but it is that we might stop and think when is the last time I learned something, changed my mind because of new and better information, or started something new?  Yes, there is indeed a lot of life out there to enjoy; but there are also some pretty significant things in life that might be really improved if we were open to learning or trying something new.  Things like our walk with Christ, our marriage, personal habits.

Try something new before 2011 is out.  Maybe even make it something you would have actually not been interested in.  See if you can surprise yourself.  You can do it!  Then stop and ask the Lord, “Is there something I need to learn, change, try new in my walk with you, my marriage, my daily living?”  Until we are in heaven, we can still grow.


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  1. Lovely thoughts . . . for a fifty-one year old who thinks it is too late to make a change. . . facing a wonderful, healthy, freedom-living opportunity and thinking I am too old to change now. . . “Try something new before 2011 is out”. . . o.k., here goes . . .