Wedding Story #1

We have a wedding story in our home now.  Our oldest daughter, Mary Beth, got engaged last week.  Judging how the last week has gone, I am confident that the next ten months are going to produce some stories.  So I will just call this one Wedding Story #1.

Kevin has done everything right.  He not only dated my daughter in a godly manner for an appropriate amount of time, but as he grew in his knowledge of her, he also took the time to get to know her family.  He actually seemed to be interested in and enjoy being around us.  So we have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him and we love him.  He got into the family on a 5-1 vote.  (It was really 6-0, but I tell him 5-1 to keep him humble.)  Kevin then, without having yet purchased a ring, assuming nothing, came to talk with me and ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage.  He was respectful, humble, and complimentary of her parents.  Yeah, the kid is scoring points with each sentence.  He then endured over 1 ½ hours of my questions and speeches.  Feel for a man who desires to marry a girl whose father has done premarital counseling for over 130 couples.  I then gladly gave my blessing.  We are excited and praising the Lord.

Now the proposal.  Kevin proposed to my daughter in front of all of our family, all of his family, and 400 youth and parents at our annual youth beach retreat.  He scored a perfect ten in surprising her on something she anticipated.  He scored a perfect ten on creativity.  He scored a perfect ten for just sheer courage.  So he gets up in front of all these people and he has beautiful words prepared expressing his love and desire to spend the rest of his life with her.  Well, the words were coming out, but they were coming out kind of slow and at one point he came to a place where he paused, at which point my daughter jumped in and said, “JUST ASK ME!”

As you can imagine, that brought the house down.  It was funny and cute and all that, but more than anything it was love.  The words were good and necessary, and yet, unnecessary.  She was ready to give her life to him.  It wasn’t the words that led to that, or the moment, it was love.  I bet she can’t even tell you what he said.  She was ready to say yes.  Just ask.

What is really amazing is that is how the Lord is with us.  He loves us so much.  He is not waiting for us to come up with the right words or actions.  He is not waiting for you to prove yourself worthy.  He is waiting for you to just ask.  Do you want to be saved from your sins and spend eternal life in heaven?  Just ask (Romans 10:13).  Do you need help, guidance, protection, or provision?  Just ask (1 John 5:14-15, James 1:5-6; Matthew 7:7).  I am guessing when I say that we all think of something we did ask for and did not get it.  God answered and He answered out of love.  God’s love also includes God’s best.  He is working with perfect knowledge of our lives, the circumstances, everyone and everything around us.  He knows the perfect answer for what we are asking.  And His love gives that answer.  Sometimes it is the answer we are asking for and other times, out of love, He says, “No, that is not what is best, but since you have asked, I will give you what is best.”

Now, let’s turn this around.  Do you love the Lord?  You know, my daughter in saying yes, surrendered her life to that man.  She will come up under him, take his name.  And love led her to immediately say, “Just ask.”  Is that our attitude toward the Lord?  When we came to Christ, we took His identify and name in baptism.  We are Christians, little Christs.  Does our love lead us to say to Jesus, “Just ask.”  When we read the Bible and we hear what He is asking, are we jumping to say yes.  “Finish the sentence, Lord, so I can say yes.”  It seems that love wants to be asked because it is so ready to say yes.  What is God asking you right now?  Can you say to Him, “Just ask.”  Love does say that, and I got to see it first hand.


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