Life’s Joys

What are the joys in your life?  I can go right down the list.  I have joy in my wife and our marriage.  I love the life we have together and what has been built in it.  I have joy in my kids.  I am really enjoying watching them come into adulthood, grow and achieve.  I enjoy their presence and my time with them.  I enjoy my work: the challenge, the camaraderie, and the result of it all.  I enjoy doing something I believe actually counts not only in this world, but the next.  I enjoy my dogs.  I enjoy bike riding.  I enjoy our families.  I enjoy vacations in Colorado and Florida.  I enjoy that I have so much to enjoy!  The Bible tells me every good thing comes from God.

Every good thing comes from God.  Hmm.  Do I have joy in the Giver of everything I enjoy in life?

Then I will come to the altar of God, to God, my greatest joy. – Psalm 43:4

David said His greatest joy is God.  God is what he enjoys more than any other person, event, place or thing in this world.  I think a lot of us want to say God is our greatest joy, but really, is He?

I listed some people, places, and things above that I enjoy.  Did you notice what I did not list?  I didn’t list any sins.  Most of us are not going to actually say, “I enjoy sin,” but we do.  That is why it can tempt us, because we do enjoy sin.  I am never tempted by beets.  I hate beets.  I don’t enjoy them at all, so they have no power to tempt me.  We sin because we enjoy it.  We enjoy getting even.  We enjoy forbidden pleasures.  We enjoy being better than others, having more than others, so therefore we enjoy whatever helps us accomplish that: lying stealing, slandering, getting even, and on and on.  Sin is a very ugly reminder that in that moment I do not enjoy God, but actually enjoy that which grieves Him.  When I enjoy sin, I am enjoying the opposite of God.

When we sit down at our restaurants of choice they bring us a menu, and we choose what we will enjoy at that meal.  Life offers us a daily menu and we will choose that which we enjoy.  David also challenges to taste and see that the Lord is good (Ps.34:8).  “O Lord, let me enjoy you.  Build in me a taste for You and Your ways.  How much better it is for me to enjoy you and what gives life, than to be lured to enjoy that which will ultimately bring death and loss.  Confront me with each choice I make for the world that I am choosing to enjoy that which grieves you.  I don’t want to do that, Jesus.  I want to enjoy You, not grieve you.  I pray I will enjoy You above all else, for You are worthy of all my joy!”


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