What Does Jesus Want You To Do This Easter?

It is amazing the difference between Christmas and Easter. Some start getting ready for Christmas as soon as we pass Halloween, and all of us are pretty much in the Christmas spirit by the time we finish our pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. In our home the Christmas traditions begin the evening of Thanksgiving. We watch our first Christmas movie, “A Christmas Carol”. Of course the decorations go up and many families have different traditions that take place throughout the month of December. Then there are the traditions of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is all very involved, calendared, and thought-out. And then there is Easter. What day is that this year? Let’s be honest, we don’t give a lot of thought to Easter until it is right on top of us. Palm Sunday may be the first clue for many that Easter is around the corner.

We certainly have Easter traditions: spring clothes, chocolate, colored eggs, and ham. There is a dinner and an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. It kind of comes and goes and doesn’t interrupt a lot. Our culture is very open to a baby in a manger, but not so much a Savior and God on a cross. Hey, is culture leading the church on how we celebrate and where we put our emphasis? Well, that is another blog.

Here is what this blog is about: What does Jesus want you to do this Easter? What does He want you to do with this holiday where the church remembers and celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Him? Does He want us to have ham and get a new dress? I am not sure He cares that much one way or the other. How about services?  A lot of churches do multiple or additional services for Easter. Does Jesus want you to pick the one that allows for the most family time and rest? Hmm.

There is a very common theme when we turn to the passages that we celebrate for Easter: Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20. Two words that keep appearing: Go tell! So let’s cut to the chase: that is what Jesus us wants us to do with Easter. If we go to church, sing songs, listen to the message, gather with family and say a sweet prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus; but we don’t go and tell; I think Jesus is in heaven going, “You’re kidding me. That’s it. You’re going to bed now. Wait a minute. I thought we were celebrating Easter?” Jesus didn’t tell us to do about 90% of what we will probably do to celebrate Easter. He did tell us to go and tell someone.

Who will you go and tell this Easter? Who will you tell what Jesus means to you? Who will you tell what He has done for your life? Who will you tell why you have chosen to believe in a resurrected Savior? Who will you invite to join you for Easter services? I know it seems like people around you aren’t interested in this whole church thing much anymore, but statistics actually say a lot of folks are open to a personal invitation, and even more so at Easter. Could I challenge you to think about this Easter a new way? Instead of picking the service that fits your family the best, pick the one that fits the person or family you’re inviting the best. Go to the one they will say yes to. With all we might do for Jesus this Easter, He really only asked for one thing: go and tell. Will you? Will you help your church go and tell?


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