The Boston Tragedy

The Boston Tragedy!

I underline the word “Boston” because it seems like more and more it is becoming the “fill in the blank tragedy”.  Blood in the streets, children dying, innocent people . . .   What is happening to us?  What is wrong with us?  Is the enemy within or without?  We used to get a break between tragedies, but no more.  A big tragedy is big, well, till the next big one.  It is mental sickness.  It is gun control.  It is terrorism.  It is politics.  It is a broken family.  And this is all domestic.  We are not even talking about our foreign enemies.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is becoming the common cold.  What do we do?  How do we respond?

1. Turn to Scripture

As you listen to the news the demand is for answers, answers, answers.  That is exactly what the Bible gives.  Why are people like this?  What are we supposed to do?  How can we stop it?  What is the government to do?  What do you tell your children?  Yes, the Bible actually answers all these questions.  Go to your Bible first and last.  If you don’t know where to turn, ask a pastor, or a friend you know is good with their Bible.

2. Pray

Prayer is not the last resort, though that is often how it is presented.  Pray first and last.  Hey, I think I just said that about God’s Word.  Oh well, it is true on both occasions.  Pray for our leaders to have discernment and wisdom.  Pray they can rightly and timely bring about justice.  Pray for those families most directly affected by this.  Pray the church is faithful to extend God’s compassion, wisdom, and help.  We really need to be salt and light right now.  Pray believers and churches are good and right in responding to this and helping their neighbors, co-workers and friends through this.  Pray God would hold at bay evil.  Pray for protection.  The bottom line is God says prayer makes a difference.  So pray.

3. Share the Gospel

Every single one of these problems is connected to the sin of man, and there is only one solution for that: the work of Jesus on the cross.  It is what tells people who are angry, hurting, lonely, and wrong that God loves them and has provided for them a way to know friendship with God.  I am not suggesting that you are living among the next terrorist and if you can get the gospel to him it will all be better.  I am suggesting we stop looking at lost people as okay and that nothing really needs to happen.  Most lost people are not terrorists.  Most lost people are not going to cause a tragedy that makes the news.  So does that mean there is no problem?  Of course not!  They are lost.  They might be lost and rich, lost and happy, lost and in love; but lostness breeds lostness and lostness is where evil resides.  There will be roughly 50,000,000 people in church this Sunday.  What if every one of them asked someone to come with them?  That would be 100,000,000 that at least once this week might hear that they are loved, there is hope, there is an answer.  What kind of impact could that have on a nation in just one week?!  Did you know a recent survey said 8 out of 10 people would accept an invitation to join a friend in church?  I am not suggesting sitting in a building for an hour on Sunday morning will fix everything.  But I am suggesting it wouldn’t hurt either.

There is so much hurt, anger and pain in our world individually, nationally, and internationally.  They desperately need to hear something good.  Don’t forget that Jesus left believers on this planet to do one thing.  Let me say that again – ONE THING – it is to share good news.  Good News.  Good news is always, well, good.  It lifts the spirits, puts a spring in the step, and can change a life, stop evil, and fix a lot of problems.  Not all will accept this good news.  That’s okay.  Just keep sharing for those who will.  Are you, are we sharing that good news with anyone?  If not, then do not be surprised at mounting tragedies.  It is a dark world, and we have been left here to be light, so let’s be that light.




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